6 Android Apps Essential For Every Blogger

6 Android Apps Essential For Every Blogger

You put a lot of hard work while doing blogging and content marketing. if you are in this business then you need continous attension towards the content that are generating buzz or getting liked by peoples. for doing this these are 6 Android Apps Essential For Every Blogger and Content Marketer.

While doing every-day blogging it is very hard for you to constantly get updated which topic is trending, which niche is getting huge traffic, and what’s happening in your own blog such as which post is getting views, which post is getting share, which topic visitors see or read more.

Thanks to Android which makes our lives better. the tasks which needs quick attension and action are made easier beacuse of android.

Here we are going to see 6 android apps which are very useful for every blogger and content marketor.

1. Facebook Page Manager

For your blog it is nearly impossible to drive a huge traffic to your blog. social meadia is a part that allows you to explore a huge number of audience.

By sharing your content on social media such as facebook pages or groups your blog will get noticed by hendreds of people or even thousands of people.

Facebook is a best and popular platform to share your content. with your facebook page you can improve your blog’s traffic and eventually ranking in search engines.

By creating facebook page you will get a chance to grab a audience and share your content with them. there are also paid options available in facebook to promote your facebook page and get thousands of like in very short period of time.

Facebook provides good analytics of your facebook page such as

  • Page Likes
  • Post reach
  • Users engagment
  • Weekly report of your page
  • Clicks on URLs that you shared on your facebook page
  • Content reach report

Yu can manage and track all these activities from your mobile device. facebook has a app called Facebook Pages Manager which allows you to maintain your facebook page from your mobile.

You can Download Facebook Pages Manager App from Play Store: Link

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2. Quora

What makes your blog to each audience and drive traffic to it. the answer is simple – Content.

If you are writing a content thar are useful for people such as Problem solving content, How to content, Informational contenet but with all the aspects of that perticular content.

Quora is a platform where people asksa questions on any perticualr subject, thing. and also gets the answers. sometimes the way much number of answers.

You can do the same. search foe the questions reated to your blog’s Niche and answer the questions. but wait, you do not need to write long lenthy answer. raather you can just share the link of your blog’s post related to thar question. or you can write 4-5 introductory lines and share a URL of post with it.

You will get pretty good number of traffic. but, if you follow the startergy you can drive huge traffic to your blog.

You can also use Quora for getting ideas for your content. or topics for your Niche.

Quora mobile app makes it easier to do this. you can download Quora Android app from play store: Link

3. Pocket App

As a blogger you must be surfing over internet to find the new content ideas, topics, or what’s new in your niche.

You may also follow the content creators and you also have some content creators accroding to you are compititors. then you must visit their blog to find whats new going on, what are the content and topics that they are sharing.

This task is very tome consuming and you need to book marl all that pages in your browser and even taking screenshots for later use.

But, for this Pocket App is very handu and very much useful app. this app allows to to save the pages that you want to read. many times we fing very useful article but we don’t have time to read thoes articles.

In this case Pocket app allows to save web pages which you can read later. You can download Pocket App from play store: Link

4. Evernote

As its name suggest Evernote app used to save the notes. but Evernote is beyond that. it contains many useful featurs such as

  • Hand writen notes
  • Notes save using camera
  • Allows to create a groups
  • Text note offcource
  • Attachments
  • Reminders

This is very useful app for every blogger and content writer.

Many times you think of an idea for your blog, or business and want to save that or even share them with your friends or group of friends. Evernote make sit very easier.

You can download Evernote app from plat store: Link

5. PushBullet app

PushBullet app is useful in two ways. this app works on your mobile device and on your browser of desktop.

After installing and configuring the mobile app and browser extension you can do a tasks easily such as

  • Synks your data
  • Notifies you on mobile when you are not on browser
  • Notifies you on desktop  when you are not on mobile
  • save content fro mobiile and use on desktop
  • save content on desktop and use on mobile

for example, if you are working get a meaasge on whatsapp mobile device this will get notified to you on desktop. and also same applies to mobile if you are on mobile and you will get notification on desktop such as wordpress new comment you will get notified on mobile.

You can download Pushbullet android app from play store: link

Pushbullet Chrome browser extension : Link

6. Google Analytics

Google have very sofisticated analytics website but mobile app allows you to track the activities of your blog from mobile device.

After signing up for Google Analytics for first coupal of days we visit Google Analytics on regualarly basis but after certain period of time we don’t.

Google Analytics App makes the tracking and analyzing you blog’s activities such as trending keyword, topic, traffic source, traffic timezone, users lucations and much more.

You can download Google Analytics android app from here: Link

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Above are the 6 Android Apps Essential For Every Blogger which makes your tasks, and some of work easire beacuse you can do all these activities from your mobile device.

sometime we gets tired to switch on PC and and do activities mentioned in above list of apps. thanks for android apps which makes it easier.






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