How to Use Propeller Ads on Blogger: Better Adsense Alternative

How to Use Propeller Ads on Blogger: Better Adsense Alternative

Is your Adsense account suspended? Are you tired from Persuing Adsense for approval? Are you looking for better Adsense alternative.

If one of the conditions above are satisfied in your case then we are going to tell you How to Use Propeller Ads on Blogger: Better Adsense Alternative.

Propeller are one of the best alternative to Google Adsense. if your blog has hundreds of visitors every day then it’s time to earn some good amount of money by displaying ads on your blogspot blog. Propeller has 20 million active users since it’s creaation. approval is very easy to start showing ads.

How to Use Propeller Ads on Blogger: Better Adsense Alternative

Propeller ads have the following advantages:

  • Instant approval
  • High CPA (cost per action)
  • High CPM
  • Interstitial ad Format
  • Bypass ad blocker
  • Instant result
  • Native ads

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One of the main advantage of Propeller ads is:- it is very easy for getting instsant approval which makes it very reliable for beginner or intermediate blogger. there are no condition, parameters to meet for approval.

Another best advantage of Propeller ads is:- Interstitial ad supported on any device such as desktop, tablet, mobile. it gives better result on mobile devices.

How Propeller Payout:

the minimum payout is $100 for first time. you can withdraw your payment using following methodes:

  • Epayment
  • Skrill
  • Wire Transfer
  • Payonner Prepaid Master Card
  • Payonner bank Transfer
  • Paypal

Same as Adsense you will need to reach $100 to withdraw your pyment. after your first payment withdrawal

You can withdraw $20 through paypal, $50 through payonner, $100 and more through wire transfer, epayment, paypal, skrill.

Now let’s get straight to how to signup and use Propeller ads and How to Use Propeller Ads on Blogger: Better Adsense Alternative

How to Sign Up for Propeller Ads:

Step1: You need to sign up for publisher account in order to monetize your website. to sign up for Propeller ads click on this Link.

You will see a frorm like this. fill all the required details. and after finishing click on sign up button.

Note: Make sure to select Individual option in account type and your country code in phone section. (ex. +91 for india)

Step2: After Signing up you will get an email for your account verification. login to your mail account and click on verify account button in mail that you received from propeller ads

Step3: After verifying your account. sign in to your account and navigate to sites options in sidebar. then click on add site option. after that submit URL of your blog.

Step4: Once you add your blog in propeller ad. to verify your blog you will get two options

  • Download file and upload it to root dictonary of your blog
  • Meta tag

to verify your blogger website second option is easiest way. just copy that meta tag as showb in image below

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Step5: Go to blogger. click on theme section -> click on Edit HTML -> and paste meta at the beginning of your template’s meta tag.

Note: Don’t forgot to add closing /> at the end. otherwise your setting will not be saved. and click on save button.

Now your website is verified. you can start showing ads on your blog.

How to Show Propeller ads on Blog

Propeller ads are specializes in pounder and pop-up ads. you will get four different options to start showing propeller ads. integration of ad codes is also very easy in order to start ads  showing on your blog.

Step6: Now login to your Propeller dashboard and go to Site option. After that click on the Create Zone option.

Step7: Now yoou will see number of options to select an ad format. just click on get tag button of ad format that you want. -> then copy the code and repeat the same procedure of step 5. paste that script code in blogger.

Within 2  miutes the ads will stat appearing on your blog.

How Much Can I Earn Using Propeller Ads?

propeller das pay for CPA and CPM. if your blog has more traffic you will earn between $1 to $4 CPM.

CPM means cost per mile. here cost is calculated using per 100 unique visitors. the formulae is CPM Cost*1000 visitors.

If your blog is capable of generating traffic from rich countries like USA, Canada, Europeain Countries etc.then you may get upto $4 CPM.

CPA Means cost per action. Propeller ads allows to motetize visitors subscription notification. the more subscribers the more you earn.

Propeller ads also has smart links monetization option where you can earn upto $2 from visitors who visits the link.

Can I Start Using Propeller Ads?

According to our research and findings you must try propeller ads. some bloggers also shars their opinion on propeller ads stating that you can earn more than adsense and infolink ads which are leading ad networks.


Propeller Ads in one of the better alternative to Google Adsense. you can earn very good amount of money even more than Google Adsense using Propeller Ads.

If you have any queries related to this please feel free to comment below, we are happy to hear.





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