Republic Day Wishing Script 2020 : Viral Wishing Script

Republic Day Wishing Script 2020

Republic Day Wishing Script 2020: Hello Friends in this article we bring you a Republic Day Wishing Script 2020. You can download this script for free and you are also allowed to make any changes you want. you can install this Republic Day Wishing Script 2020 on Blogger.

Friends, as you all know, in these days Wishing Scripts are used very much on social media and everyone likes to wish each other on occasion. In this case, if you want to earn online earnings by making a Wishing Website on this Republic Day, this Republic Day Wishing Script 2020 is the best for you.

You just have to download this Wishing script and make some necessary changes such as Adding your Website URL and Ads Place, after that, you can earn online money easily by installing it on your Free Blogger Blog.

Click Here to See the Demo of Republic Day Wishing Script 2020:

Republic Day Wishing Script 2019 Download :

Download Script


Download Notepad ++ Text Editor:

Download Sublime Text Editor:

To Change and/or Add your Website’s Line Add them on these lines:

  • Line No: 16
  • Line No: 439
  • Line No: 454

1. To Add the Ad Codes past codes on lines :-

  • Line Number: 384
  • Line Number: 415
  • Line Number: 441

2. To change the images add your image links in these lines:-

  • Line Number: 317, 319
  • Line Number: 355
  • Line Number: 362
  • Line Number: 439

3. To change the quoted add you text/quotes on these lines:-

  • From Line Number: 397 to 400
  • From Line Number: 428 to 432

Conclusion: We hope you liked this article and ready to install this Republic Day Wishing Script 2020 in blogger. If you liked this article and video please subscribe to our YouTube Channel here:

How to Upload Happy Dussehra Wishing Script2019 in Blogger:

To upload the Republic Day Wishing Script in blogger please follow the following steps.

We have shared the images of our happy holi wishing script beacuse every blogger festival wishing script or nornal wishing script has the same method and steps to upload it in a blogger.

#1 Create a new blog and go to the Theme section. select Simple classic template


happy holi wishing script for blogger

#2 Click on Apply to Blog Button in order to apply the classic template to your blog.


happy holi wishing script for blogger


#3  After applying template click on the settings icon and choose show desktop theme on mobile devices option. click on the save button.

happy holi wishing script for blogger


#4 Finally scroll at the end of the page and you’ll see Revert to classic theme drop-down. clicking on that option select Revert to classic to theme link.

After that you will be introduced to a new page where you can add your script code.

erase all the template code and paste your Happy Republic Day Wishing Script code.

and at last at the, click on Navbar section and select Off option which is last option.

happy holi wishing script for blogger

Yes, you are done now just click on Save Button and see the blog to view the  Republic Day Wishing Script 2020

I hope you like this article in if you have any difficulties or question regarding this you can always comment below and don’t forget to visit and subscribe to our YouTube channel. (online stuff youtube channel)

and watch the video of  Republic Day Wishing Script where you can find all the steps into the detail, how to edit the script, and how to update it into the blogger.

Images Used in the Script:





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